Why Earth bricks?

Environmental awareness and concerns about global warming have seen many Architects and Planners rediscovering Earth as a viable and energy efficient building product.

Earth buildings have:
  • low embodied energy,
  • high thermal mass, (reducing the cost of heating and cooling a building)
  • excellent sound reduction and good humidity control properties,
 They offer significant energy savings in climates subject to wide temperature fluctuations.

Earth has traditionally been used as the principal building material by about 60% of the worlds population and since the early 1960's has seen a resurgence in its use in Western Countries. Earth building is re-emerging as a practical and cost effective building medium for residential, community and commercial buildings.

Amcer Earth Bricks:
  • are available all year
  • are uniform in quality and dimension
  • have no chemical additives
  • are aesthetically pleasing
  • require minimal maintenance
  • can be laid to the first lift of scaffold in one day (approx. 1.2m) enabling more economical construction
  • suitable for use as multi-storey, load bearing walls, or infill with post and beam walls
  • only require 15mm mortar course, reducing mortar and laying cost, which offsets additional brick numbers per sq. metre
  • do not require a thick render to finish wall surfaces, thereby reducing overall costs/